Cairo/ Giza: The Pyramids

img_0273The one place I have been obsessed with since a child is Egypt. And got dammit I made it this year. But only for a day! But in that day I got to see the pyramids!  But I’m mad none one told me I would have to be in shape to see the pyramids.

Cairo/Giza is home to more than 30 million people, and the traffic tells it all. I have never seen a city where there is traffic at 12am and later. It’s never ending.  Cairo and Giza are like one big city split by the Nile River.



Crossing the street is a major obstacle and a challenge. You would think locals wouldn’t  walk out into traffic. But apparently there is a method to their madness. They don’t get hit by vehicles. A guy told me if you get eye contact with the driver they can’t hit you. Kind of an unspoken rule.



Another unspoken rule is, if you have a tongue, you can’t get lost. My cab driver decides to give direction to a man, mid traffic. I don’t even think he was looking at the road . Side note fact. The streets of Cairo were designed by the same guy that designed Paris.


Back to the Pyramids. I would advise anyone planning on going to the pyramids to wear a hiking boot, with comfortable, agile clothing. Each site at the Pyramid has it own price as well.  So be prepared to constantly pull out your ticket for verification that you did pay.img_0253

1. Sand. Sand is everywhere. It will get in your shoe plus it is hot. With hiking boots you will avoid getting sand in your shoes. I had on sneakers and the sand annoyed me.img_0241

2. Comfortable clothing.

To get the full affect of the pyramids you will want to climb inside or climb below. So you don’t want to wear anything too constricting.  I would wear gym clothes.

3. Claustrophobic and Fear of Heights

If you are claustrophobic I don’t advise you to go into the pyramid. The tunnels are very tight and go very high up or down. At some points people will squeeze past you, which can be stressful. There are also high passages that go straight up. Looking down or coming back down could make you nervous.


4. Backpack

Carry a backpack.  I wouldn’t advice carrying a purse. Have water, snacks, sun glasses, a towel (or something to wipe your face with) and something to clean your hands with. It hot. Inside the pyramids is hotter.



I only was able to spend a day in Egypt.  I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to but I was able to see The Pyramids.  If you really want to see all the things that Egypt has to offer, you would need to spend about a week. Please do not wait until you are older to enjoy the world. Exhibits and sites such as The Pyramids would be very difficult to enjoy.



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