Ma’in Hot Springs

When I pick a country to visit, I normally google things to do or see. One of the things I found in Jordan was the Ma’in Hot Springs.

The hot springs are located in the city of Madaba. These springs are located in a valley. I took a cab from Amman. It took maybe an hour by car. But then again there wasn’t a speed limit and the driver took full advantage of that.




There is a hotel built on the springs but there is also the free park. I don’t know anyone preference but I preferred the hotel access to the springs.


The hotel has beautiful views and a zen quality. The WiFi is horrible, but you really should disconnect and enjoy!


This hotel has two waterfall locations. One is for the hotel guess. The second is for the spa guest. Both are scenic and relaxing. The spa location is a little more luxurious with snacks. As long as you have services at the spa, you can go to the private hot springs.


The public springs are a bit different. Although you still get to see the mountain landscape and experience the hot springs, it’s not the same. Some money could be put back into the public location. It’s rundown. At one point it probably was a relaxing spot. img_0162img_0166


If you get the opportunity while in Jordan, just stay a day at the hotel and enjoy the hot springs and maybe some spa treatments.img_0170img_0160img_0159img_0171,img_0175


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