Bon Ton

Every time I hear someone say Bon Ton I think of true blood! But if you’re not aware, Bon Ton is the new top floor. It is a Cajun /Vietnamese fusion restaurant. With traditional Cajun dishes with a Vietnamese twist.

Here is my quick synopsis on the place.

This was my third time coming here. The first time was an ok experience. The food could have been better. Second time I felt unwanted, so I left . This third time the service was blah but they only had one waiter.

I had the smoke gouda Mac and cheese. Nope. Not good. It was just like mush. No texture at all.

The catfish po’boy was ok. I will say the fish was fried nicely. But it was just a sandwich.

They do have good cocktails. But today I bought a cava that was flat. Normally when you have a sparkling wine, the bubbles race up. This not so much. Plus put my sparkling wine in a flute.

Their seafood is a little pricey. About 3lbs of seafood for $99.

They have a lunch special of half a po’boy with chips and a can soda for $10. But other than that no specials.

If your looking for good Cajun food I would look somewhere else. Novelty Cajun, this is your spot.

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