I had such an awesome time here. I ate. I danced. I got tatted. I got drunk. I got sick. I got drunk and met some dope people. If you ever get a chance to go to East Africa, go to Zanzibar.img_2309


One thing they don’t play with here is your immunizations. Make sure you have the proper immunizations. They have a small airport, so small planes. Before you can step on the ground they want to see your passport/ID, and immunizations. They wont even let you in the airport without the proper paperwork.

I came from Kenya. Kenyatta international has a port health services. In the U.S. the yellow fever shot would have cost me $325. In Kenya it was $25. In order for Zanzibar to accept the shot, you have to had it for 10 days.


If at all possible purchase your visas before you fly out. Some places it is cheaper to buy them in advance. Others it doesn’t make a difference. In Zanzibar U.S. and Irish citizens have to pay $100 for a visa. Everyone else pays no more than $15-40.

The Hustle

The hustle is real in Zanzibar. One of  Zanzibar’s biggest industries is tourism. So as a tourist you will be up charge and hustled. Like any other island/city, the tourist locations are always more expensive.


So tourism is really big there.  I visited Stone Town, the spice farms, and water exploration.img_2310

Stone Town has reminisce of it’s Arab times. Some of Stone Towns main attracts are Old Fort, Christ Church, Old Dispensary, Freddie Mercury House, House of Wonders and the East African Slave Trade Exhibit. The market place is filled with various stands selling fruit, spices and seafood.

The  spice farms are located all over the island. During the tour you may get to sample some of the spices and see where they come from. Did you know vanilla beans are the second most expensive spice after saffron?

Zanzibar also has awesome beaches. My favorite thing to do was go sailing and just watch the sunset. While visiting I would suggest staying on the coast for a couple of days then stay in Stone Town for the end of your trip. That way you will be closer to the airport and you can do shopping on your way out.

If you plan on buying spices put them in a checked bag. From what my friend told me they will not let you leave the country with them in your carry-on. I personally brought some spice back, but in my checked bag.img_4625-1

Food and Cocktail

Seafood! Seafood is fresh and delicious here. Every place I went to has the fresh and delicious seafood. The dishes are full of spices. Their food represents their heritage. It has a fusion of Arab and African spices and technique. The cocktails were all made of local fresh fruit. They have a lot of local beers and wines. Whenever you travel always try the local stuff. Enhance your palate.



Zanzibar is a wonderful vacation spot, try to come during a full moon. Awesome party. The people are nice and welcoming but look out for the hustler. This island is full of culture and history. Just remember to pay in shilling. Otherwise have fun and enjoy.

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