A MANO: Atlanta/ Old Forthward

Enter  A manoimg_4229

You ever walk or drive by a place that sparks your curiosity?  A mano is such place for me. It looks like a secret club when you drive by. I have even posted picture saying ” I shall partake in this place soon”. Well I have. And I like it.img_4248

First cool thing is the whole place is made out of wood and all the wood pieces are recycled through out the property. Some gentlemen told me that at the bar. The bar counter is gorgeous. It has individual pieces of wood placed together to form a thing of beauty. I like to rub my hands across it.img_4252


They also have outside seating areas. One is like a wooden outdoors canopy type thing. The other is up the stairs and covered. Nice place to sit and have a glass of wine or two or three. Even glass of Prosecco (hint hint wink wink).

The Culture

I have been  here twice. The first time I went with a friend. I want to say the staff here are awesome. The bartenders are awesome. They will make you feel like you are amongst friends and family. Laura is awesome! I really feel that the ambiance reflection of the food.img_4232

The Food

This is an Italian restaurant. The food is based off of the location where the Chef studied. Its rustic. It’s fresh.  It’s hardy yet polished. It’s simple yet complex.  The menu changes as the season change. Don’t expect your plate to rush out because they are made to order. It’s like a home cooked meal,

I tried four things here. The roasted chicken (not on the menu/a special), cacio e Pepe (black peper spaghetti, pecorino), fried potatoes, and a steal head trout ( all tried on different days).  I didn’t have the chicken. I am assuming it was delicious the way my friend cleaned the plate.

The pasta was basic. Laura told me that. She said most people eat the post in accompany with something else.  The potatoes were delicious.  The verde aioli was so good, I put it on the pasta.

Now this trout was cooked perfectly.  The skin had a wonder crisp. The flesh flaked into individual pieces. The seasoning made a nice crust and was flavorful. The beans with the fennel and red pepper coulis was awesome. It even had sweet potato chips.  This fish is fillng but not heavy. A great dish.img_4233

Cocktails and Wineimg_4235-1

Anybody and everybody knows I love a good cocktail. But I also love wine. Nothing was more joyful to me than to see Prosecco on tap. Now I want to see how I can get that at home.  I had two cocktails, wine and a Prosecco on tap (I’m going to keep saying that because its fucking awesome to me).

If you like vodka you will like the strawberry basil. It’s a sweet pretty cocktail for the ladies, The basil gives it aromatics as you sip. Then I had a Miele +Fumo. Mezcal Tequila people. That is all you need to know. But If you have ever been to 5 Church, this is like the viper. I also had a Rose and that Prosecco on tap. They let me try it first. My friend had an old fashion. Sigh I want a Prosecco on tap at home!

As I make my exit from the blog, I will let you know this. Find yourself a bar or restaurant where everyone knows your name. And they’re always glad you came.

Oh yeah I am going to try them for Brunch! Their menu looks crazy! You should try them too!


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