Israel: Tel Aviv

I went to Israel to drink. That’s it. I heard they had dope bars and they do. Tele Aviv has an awesome party scene and delicious food. But it is high on the dollar side. There are a lot of things to see and experience in Israel.


Don’t expect a stamp. Because of the political relationship that Israel has with other countries, they give you a card with your face on it.  You don’t need a visa as long as your are there for 90 days or less. Getting there is easy but leaving is a bit hard. Give yourself extra time when departing Israel.img_3353

Tel Aviv has a lot of nice bars and restaurants but my favorite one was Concierge. This bar has good food but the drinks were the best. They found the most unconventional drinking apparatuses that I have ever seen. They don’t really use glasses or cups. I drunk out of a Hookah, a skull, and pottery.  Craft drinks, and cool cup, makes for an interesting night .

In any costal country  I like to try their seafood. Fish is readily available. Shrimp, is another story. Everyone didn’t sell shrimp and they were a bit costly. Keep in mind that Israel is a Jewish State, and shrimp are not kosher.  You can eat all the hummus (good shit), olives, and fish you like.

Besides the bars, Tel Aviv is a seaside city.  Although I have been to better beaches, they have a nice board walk and restaurants available. You can rent a beach chair for about $5.  There is  also food and drink service on the beach.  Very good fish might I mention again.


Tel Aviv has an awesome party scene and  fun bars. It is a great city to visit with friends. Not bad for solo travelers either. If you like to drink and eat, its a great place to visit.

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