Hit or Miss: The Lawrence

The Lawrence! They have been a hit or miss with me. I have been there a couple of times and tried different things. Their drinks aren’t bad, the platings are nice, but its a hit or miss.img_5232

For example I love chicken. I love fried chicken. I love waffles. I love red velvet. So why not try the chicken and red velvet waffles.   My first experience with this plate was awesome. The waffles were fluffy with a hint of chocolate. The chicken was ever so golden brown and crispy.  The berries were fresh and fragrant. Then my second adventure. You know how you order what you know because you don’t want to get something that is nasty. Well it back fired on me. The waffles tasted like they cleaned the griddle with a chemical and didn’t wipe it off. Then my damn chicken crust was falling off. The crust was soft and soggy. Plus the waffle portion changed. It went from 1.5 (one and a half waffle) to just 1.img_4958

Experiences like this make me not want to give praises on food. The first time I had that waffle, I posted it on IG. Told everyone how wonderful it was, then this. A hit or miss experience.

I also had the smoked salmon chips. They were ok. I expected them to be warm. The Oyster Rockefeller was really tasteless, which is sad due to the nice presentation. This was an example of looks can be deceiving.

The goat cheese crepes were very delicious. The goat cheese had the texture and the flavor mascarpone cheese. Goat cheese has a particular tart and earthy flavor. You get none of that in these crepes. The crepes were well made. Some people tend to over cook them. Crepes should be fork tender. These were. The fresh berries and compote complimented the goat cheese crepes very well.img_5080

I also had olives and a cheese board while at the bar. The bartenders are attentive, and the service is good. The dishes I was not fond of, the manger took off my bill. Everyone is always friendly. It’s a good vibe for the most part. It’s actually a cool bar to hang out at. Just take caution when ordering food.

Hit or miss is The Lawrence.

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