The Fall Off!

If you ask me where is a good place to eat, I could give you a list. There are also a lot of places that use to be great spots that have fallen off.  Or maybe my palate has changed and dining standards has gone up.  Either way some places that use to be good spots such as Imperial Fez and Two Urban licks,  are now on my fall off list.  One of my use to be favorite spots had me  perplexed. Sad part is, I always recommend them to people. img_0025

If you’re wondering who I am talking about, its 5 Church.  5 Church is located  in Colony Square. This place has an amazing decorum.  An artist wrote The Art of War on the ceiling. Trying to read it will drive you crazy.  It actually drove the artist crazy painting it. However it a very sexy spot to go hangout with the girls, or for a date.

When I first went to 5 Church I tried a variety of foods and liked them. Except the waffle, I expected more from it. I really loved the lamb burger. The lamb burger had pickled onions, arugula, and a smoked gouda fondue. The cheese just dripped down the side so lustfully. The burger just made me happy on the inside.  They actually have good drinks. They didn’t fall off on the cocktails. I really enjoyed my time there. Le Sigh!img_0130

The fall off! I went to this Triple Crown event that was held at 5 Church. The event is a singles mixer. It was kind of wack, so I’m not going to go into details. Let’s go to my Larry David moment. I ordered the lamb burger because that is what I love. Disappointment came when I got my burger. One, there wasn’t any dripping smoked gouda. Very disappointing.  But then I had a basket of very small pieces of potato. I’m not even going to call them fries. My first thought was who would send this plate out like this?  I showed the waitress and she told me it’s because they were hand made. The Larry David moment began.  I told here hand made fries are not tiny digits. I have never had fries that small before. That is not even a fry.  Do you know this chick argued that the fries were normal size. I got the bottom of the bag, scraps, left over from the fryer fries. I don’t understand why she wanted to argue that with me. I just asked for the manager.img_7205

The manger gave me a discount, offered me a free meal when I come back, and a waitress that wouldn’t argue with me . But they still fell off to me. The food  wasn’t as awesome as it was the first couple of times I went. Then the waitress almost made me snap. My experience wasn’t something I would recommend to anyone else. What if they get the same Larry David moment I got.  No one would seek me for recommendations anymore. Side note: my hand looks really dry. I need to get some better lotion.


It is always  great when a restaurant tries to make amends to an error in their food or service. I have noticed when some places first open they have high quality food and excellent service. Then they fall off (not all but some). I always rate a restaurant by their food and service (also their bathrooms, don’t ask why). The true test of their food and service is during peak hours, and when they are about to close.  This time it wasn’t during any of those hours and I was disappointed.  They fell off.

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