I spent a month in Thailand.  A couple of days in Bangkok and the rest in Phuket. I learned a lot about Thai culture, food and policies. I also partied very hard. Weird enough there are a lot of Australians in Thailand.  Shopping is  awesome there too! I loved the mall.  Southeast Asia has great shopping. Again I have composed a list of things that might be helpful on your trip to Thailand.

        In Bangkok, public transportations work well.

        The floating market is outside the city.

        Tuk Tuk are your friends.

        Have a returning ticket. They will ask you for that.

        Patong Beach has a party street with lots of clubs and bars.

        Go see a kickboxing match.

        Exchange rate for U.S to Thai Baht is very good.

        Airbnb is awesome here.

        Lady boys are everywhere.

        Try the street food.

        Island hop.

        See James bond island. 

        Motor bikes are common transportation.

        Thailand King song plays in the movie theater. You must stand.

        English and French are spoken in Thailand.  

        Watch out for the monkeys. They will steal from you.

Beware of the monkeys. I went to see the sleeping Budah and there were monkeys everywhere.  I was a little hungry so I bought some pringles. So I open my pringles and I noticed a monkey was beside me. I’m scared of monkeys so I started to walk away. I got a little distance from him. But guess who decided to follow me? The damn monkey.  I stopped. He did too. I started to walk. He did too. I turned around and he did too. Then he started running towards me and I threw my pringles at him. He picked them  up and jumped in tree. He threw a couple of chips down to the other monkeys and ate the rest. Moral of the story, monkeys will punk you for whatever they want from you. monkey that stole my chips

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