Iceland : Just put it in your mouth!

Just put it in your mouth was the advice I received from some guys from Jersey.  See Iceland is infamous for this fermented shark. Some people say just put in your mouth and swallow. Others say you have to chew it to get the full experience. Me, I say hold your nose because it is funky. fermented shark and black death

Fermented shark isn’t the only interesting meat I found in Iceland. I remember when I was a kid  we would joke about eating horse meat. We would say Jack in the Box served horse meat. If you ate a burger from there, eww you are eating horse meat. Well I must say horse meat was pretty damn good.

While on food tour we went to a cheese shop called Burid. The cheese was good but the most interesting thing there was the cured meats. I had the horse meat there. Everyone in the group was scared to try it. But hey why not. To me the horse meat was the most tender out of the lamb and the duck. It reminded me of beef jerky in flavor. It was so soft and tender. It wasn’t like any meat I have ever had. It makes me wonder why we eat cow but not horse.

Horse might have been the most unusual thing I had there, but I had other things too! I had cute little puffin bird and mink whale. They were prepared well. I actually didn’t know what they were at the time of eating them. Tapas Barinn. If you are adventurous, they have an adventure for you.  If you like to play it safe, well they have lots of options too.

Like I said everything wasn’t scary. I had lobster bisque, lamb stew, rye bread ice cream, flavorful cheeses, good seafood, and awesome deserts. Something I had for the first time there was lamb hotdogs. It had fried onions and the ketchup that had apples in it (tomatoes too but the apples replaced sugar). You know something is good when there is a long line. The line was long in Reykjavik and at the airport for these hotdogs. But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

I even had great cocktails. I stumble upon cool bar. The bar was called The Loftid.  They had a huge chalk board with  crazy names on it. Come to find they create new drinks every week and put the names on the board.  I tried different versions of Brennivín.  Really cool bar.  I always attract weirdos. In this case the bar drunk. Although I will not deny accepting his drinks, he was crazy as hell. First thing he asked was, “have you ever made love to a Viking”? Nope, don’t believe I have. But I will take that drink. I wasn’t the only person he felt to engage. Some other folks weren’t too friendly, and the bar fight began. Well not a fight, but a tussle. Very entertaining.

There is a place called Apotek that I  really want to try next time. I actually had dessert there but not a full meal. The decorum in there was pretty cool. Oh well, next time. But on the next trip I wont have the shark but I will try the kangaroo. Why do they sell kangaroo in Iceland, I don’t know. But I will put it in my mouth.

apotek food tourIMG_0252scared me

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