Iceland :Reykjavik

Iceland is more than just Reykavik. I know that.  When I went, I only had 3 days.  My main goal was to do the Blue Lagoon and see the Northern lights. Since it was raining  I didn’t get to see the Northern lights. But I will be back in December to explore more of the country.

view outside

Reykavik  has a guy that goes around the city gluing action figures on various street signs and buildings. Do you know what the government is doing about this? Nothing. They think it adds character to their city. The city is really clean and crisp. It looks as though all the buildings were painted the day before. The technology   is crazy too. I found myself paying with the water faucet in the bathroom.

I made a little list of things that will help while staying in Iceland. When planning your trip, do note that  Iceland is expensive. But you do get your money’s worth. Explore their food scene. They have some really good and interesting foods. If you try the shark, don’t bite it. Just swallow it. Thank me later.

street church viewblue lagoonphoto shootlokey restaurantoutside my hotelview outside harpaharpa concert hallmoneyfood tourcured horsebuilding whitebuildingchurchcocktail loftbathroom


• Dress warm (it is cold).

• Plan your excursions in advance (makes it easier).

• Take the $88-dollar ticket for the Blue Lagoon. It’s the best deal!

• Purchase the transportation with your Blue Lagoon ticket.

• Airbnb it while there. Renting an apartment is more affordable than a hotel stay.

• Don’t ask for bottle water (they have good tap water).

• Check the weather when planning for the Northern Lights. Inclement weather makes them hard to see. You will spend hours chasing them.

• Nothing is close to the airport. Reykjavik is about a 40-min ride from the airport. Everything is really ride in Iceland.

• Iceland is big on their food and restaurants. Try Tapas Barinn. They have a sampler of different varieties of meats.

• Do the food tour. Not only do you get to try food all over Reykjavik but it helps with getting familiar with the city.

• Best thing is Iceland is a very welcoming  to all!

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