Dominican Republic: Ass grabbing Halloween

Halloween is upon us! I thought I would  share last Halloween with you all. So I went to D.R.(Dominican Republic) for Halloween. From what I am told they do it big for the holiday.

A friend of mine invited me to go on this trip with him and his friends. I only knew one other person besides him. This trip confirmed why I don’t like to do group travel. I would tell you more about that, but I’m going to stick to the topic of ass grabbing.

Sasou D.R. is like the “sex” capital. If you are from D.R. don’t get offended. You know what it is. A lot of men go there to get it cracking (fuck something for lack of better words for a fee). I was waiting for my friends when a man approached me. He asked me did I speak English and what time did I get off? My first reply, what? Why wouldn’t I speak English? He then apologized and thought I was, you know… I told him I didn’t follow what he was trying to say. Basically he thought I was Dominican and was “working”. But  while I was there, I was questioned how much frequently.  This should give you an idea about the climate there.

Back to the ass grabbing. We were going to a Halloween party that only 3 of us actually had a costume on. I wore the easy thing. Black leotard, fishnets, cat ears and a bow tie. Cute and quick.

From the party, we decided to go to this club. The club had a long line outside and was packed. Lucky for us we got in without waiting in line.

I was at the bar with a friend when I felt something on my butt. At first I thought because of how tight the club was, it was someone trying to pass. Wrong.  The slight push turned into a full squeeze with two hands. I turned around and the guy just looked at me. So I pushed him.  Do you know he took his index and middle finger and mashed my forehead. My first reaction was to hit in the face with my bottle. As I swung the bottle, it was caught in midair.  My friend  grabbed my arm. I’m pissed. The guy vanished in the club and this dude is holding my arm. I asked him did he know what that guy did? He said no,  but  he didn’t want me to go to jail.

I’m pissed but I also had to realize the type of climate I was in. Although it was very disrespectful, I have to always keep in mind the culture. Sometimes we go to places expecting our customs and  morals. I’m still mad about it, but that’s life.

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