Marrakech: Dinner and Waterfalls

I went to Marrakech for spices but got to explore outside the city.  I normally don’t like to do tourist things, but sometimes its good to do so. The hotel advised me to take a tour to the waterfalls. My new-found husbands (that is another story for another day) told to check out Chez Ali. Chez Ali, best $40 I spent. Les Cascades d’Ouzoud are breath-taking.

Chez Ali

This is a three-part dinner and show.  Part one is the arrival. You are greeted by women in traditional garb. The whole place reminds you of Arabian Nights. They have maybe 10 traditional bands playing various songs and dances. Next you are escorted to your tent.

Part two is the actual dinner. These tents are huge. There were probably 5 different tables in the tents. Dinner was served in tagines, family style. Everything comes with the ticket except for alcoholic beverages. I sat at a table with people from Italy, England, and Spain. With everyone being from different countries made the conversation very interesting. While we are eating and drinking the bands come in and play songs and sing.

Part three is the actually show. The show is filled with men doing tricks on horses, flying carpets, and belly dancers. The men are all dressed in all white with long rifles. It’s really dark,  and fireworks light up the sky. Then a belly dancer appears on a flying magic carpet. It’s a really magical show and well worth $40.

The Waterfalls

The waterfalls were maybe an hour ride outside the city. To get to the waterfalls you have to hike the mountain. If you are not in good shape, you wont make it. There were several people who didn’t make it to the top.  As I say that, locals were almost running up it wearing sandals. It’s an hour hike to the top, but the water  is refreshing and the views are crazy.

After we descend down the mountain, we went to lunch. Lunch  was served in the river. I had the best chicken ever there. Only problem for me were the bees. Everyone else act as if they weren’t there. But there were about 50 bees. Besides the bees the food was great and the location was  relaxing.

If you ever make your way to Marakech, check Chez Ali out and try to see the waterfalls. It is an awesome experince.

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