You can’t go to Greece without going to Turkey. Their history are so intertwined that I couldn’t see one without the other.

Helpful Information

• Make sure you fly in on the Asian side: There are two airports in Istanbul. One is on the Asian side and the other is on the European side.

• Get your visa online: The cost is cheaper and it makes going through customs so much easier.

• If you are a woman go with a man or a group.: I am a solo traveler (female) and I had a hard time walking the streets and the grand bazaar.

• Know what you want to do and see, so you came make your accommodations close by.

• If a storekeeper offers you some tea, drink it.  It is a custom for a store owner to offer you some tea. It will probably be Turkish tea or apple. I liked them both.

• They will try to sell you a rug: They will  offer you some tea then try to sell you a rug. If you don’t want a rug just tell them no thank you.

• Turkey and Greece are very similar: They both at one point in time had control over the other.

• If you are a curvy woman, expect men to be very nice: Try to dress modest. It is an Islamic country.

• Istanbul is not the end all  in Turkey: try to visit other cities. I went to Bodrum just for the clear water.

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