If I got nothing else from Marrakech it was some awesome cumin. I am a chef. A lot of places I travel to are just for the spices or the food knowledge. Why Marrakech out of all the cities in Morocco? Souks. I love a good deal and I love spices.img_7604

Here is a list of things you should know about Marrakech.

• This country speaks French, Arabic, and Berber. Some know English.

• As a woman, it is better to travel with a male or in a group.

• If you are a curvy woman, cover up.

• Barter. No price is every set.

• Watch out for the children. They will rob you. Also, if you give one some money they will ambush you. It happens to me

• Go see the Chez Ali dinner show. Best $40 ever spent

• Riads are fun and hard to find. Make sure you have good directions for your taxi.

• Explore outside the city: go see the waterfalls

• Big club scene there and shopping.

• Women keep a scarf with you. You may need it.

Side note:  If you are a woman, be careful. I had a problem with a man. When it was all said and done it was my fault because I was by myself. But that’s another story for another day

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