Dinner in the Sky: Athens Greece

One of the most exciting dinning experiences is Dinner in the Sky! It was even more exciting with the Athens’s Jazz Festival. IMG_4317Dinner in the sky has a set menu.  If you have a special diet they will accommodate you. But you have to tell them in advance.

Before being seated, you are give a key to a locker. The locker is for small items, such as purse or keys.  You are then given time to go to the bathroom as well.

Bathrooms. I am always  asked how did you go to the bathroom? You are given time to use the bathroom. Once you are in the sky, there is no turning back. Also note  these are pretty fancy portable bathrooms.

Once  you get to the platform, a team member with fasten you to your designated seat.  The chair allows  360 degrees turns.  The table also rotates during the coarse of the meal. If you are not afraid of heights,  you can enjoy all angles of the view. The table has a foot rest for each diner. If you’re brave, you can also dangle your feet in the sky with a turn of your chair. If you are afraid of heights, save your money for Modern Restaurant.  AthensWas Hotel has dope restaurant with awesome views. I will tell you about that later.

While you are waiting for everyone to get settled in their seat, the wine begins. The wine begins because it never stops. I am a wine drinker. I am a drinker period. So this worked for me. If you can’t hold your alcohol in any capacity, I suggest you limit your drinking. Remember you are in the air. No bathrooms. They also serve other beverages for those who don’t partake in wine.0272FC54-39F4-4C04-9182-452E6165D0D5

My favorite part of this adventure was the food. The five coarse meal spans over the whole time you are in the air. Remember this is a set menu. If you have a special diet, let them know in advance so they can accommodate you. I can’t stress that enough. I had a special diet. I had a trout main course, with vegetable substitutes for other meat items. Even though this is an attraction dinner, the food was great! Everything was prepared  perfectly, and it was filling. The presentation were appeasing to the eye too!

I mentioned before that the seats rotate all the way around. This is paramount for the awesome views.  You can see Acropolis all lit up at night.  There are view of where the sea begins. For this particular dinner, you could see the jazz  festival below. The dinner also includes an awesome view of the sun setting.

Overall, this is an awesome dinning experience. It is a must do in Greece, but also in life. It was filled with spectacular views, delicious food, endless wine, and great conversation. A bucket list check completed for me.



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