Quick Tips For Greece

• Do not take tours to the historic sites. Everything you want to see is a subway stop or you can walk to each.  Only exception is Poseidon’s temple. You must ride a bus and the bus drops you right in front of the temple.

• Don’t take island hopping tours. You can take the subway to the ferries that will take you to any island.

• Exchange your money before you get there or use your card. Make sure to check if your card charges an international fee.

• If going to Acropolis, wear comfortable shoes. There are a lot of stairs to climb and most of the floor is made of marble. Which can be slippery. Side note if going to the museum they don’t allow bags or phones inside.

• Don’t take a cab from the airport: you can take the train that will take you to the subway. More than likely any hotel you’re staying in is around the corner from a subway.

Greece is a  really easy country to explore.  As tourist, we like to take tours. Please do not pay anyone to take you to the historical sites. When I realized that all of the locations were right off of subway, I  was pissed. Athens is wanderer’s city. It is really easy to navigate.  I explored the city by myself. You must island hop. You can’t go to Greece without venturing to her islands. Explore as many islands as you can. Get lost in Greece.

Also do your research when picking a hotel.  I got tricked on a couple of hotels, and ended up at a sex hotel. If you don’t know what a sex hotel is, I will tell you on a later date.

I went during memorial day and caught their Jazz festival along with dinner in the sky.  The food there is awesome. Eat the lamb. The quality of the lamb is superb.

Greece is a country that you must visit more than once. It’s like a really good thriller that you have to watch over and over to catch all the details.  I am sure to go back and  see what I may have missed.

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