My  first culinary experience was in Spain, I took an externship at a resort in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra. This  was my  favorite places to live. The people of the town were really nice. The food was fresh. Most of all it wasn’t expensive for me!  My whole experience in  Spain was in a culinary. I cooked, I ate, I drank, and I explored.


Know some Spanish- Not many people speak English. In fact, I didn’t run into many and I worked at a Resort.

Have a returning flight – Most countries want you to have a departure date and ticket. Americans  are allowed to visit Europe for  90 days without a visa.  In Spain, you can go to your local police station and extend your visa.

Public transportation- Spain  has a  very good public transportation. You can take public transportation everywhere. Between buses and trains, you can go all over the country. Of course, there is always planes.

Shop- Prices are very reasonable and there are a lot of cool stores.

Tours- There is a lot of excursions shops. You can take trips to all over the country by a guide for little of nothing.

Closing times- Spain participates in Siesta.  Stores are often closed between 2-5pm.  Restaurants around 4pm-9pm. I suggest you eat hearty at lunch and  keep a snack.

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